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Technical support services for non co-ordinated organisations

In addition to its normal work as a technical service on remuneration questions for the Co-ordinated Organisations, the ISRP provides technical services and remuneration information to more than 20 international organisations, which to varying degrees use remuneration information collected and calculated by the ISRP. This co-operation ranges from merely using salary scales calculated for the Co-ordinated Organisations to requesting personalised organisation-specific salary scales.

ISRP also carries out, on request by these organisations, special studies on various remuneration-related questions.

  BIE     International Exhibitions Bureau  
  BIPM     International Bureau of Weights and Measurements  
  CEB     Council of Europe Development Bank  
  CERN     European Organisation for Nuclear Research  
  ECO     European Communications Office  
  ECS     Energy Charter Secretariat  
  EFTA     European Free Trade Association  
  EMBL     European Molecular Biology Laboratory  
  EPO     European Patent Office  
  ESO     European Southern Observatory  
  EU ISS     European Union Institute for Security Studies  
  EU SC     European Union Satellite Centre  
  EUMETSAT     European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites  
  EUREKA     Eureka  
  GBIF     Global Biodiversity Information Facility  
  HCCH     The Hague Conference on Private International Law  
  HFSPO     Human Frontier Science Program Organization  
  ITER     ITER  
  NASCO     North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organisation  
  OCCAR     Organisation for Joint Armament Co-operation  
  OSPAR     Oslo and Paris Commissions  
  PCA     Permanent Court of Arbitration  
  UNIDROIT     International Institute for the Unification of Private Law  
  WCO     World Customs Organisation  
  WTO     World Trade Organisation  

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